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Located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley in Downtown Covina is Room 2 Dance, a cozy boutique dance space, complete with a large dance floor, private dance area, and boasting sound system. The unique and inviting decor is only matched by the friendly, warm demeanor of the instructors, who are there to welcome any and every level of dancer, or soon-to-be dancer. The studio is also easily walkable to the many surrounding restaurants and shops of Downtown Covina and can be easily accessed from the 10 and 210 freeways just off of Citrus Ave.

Room 2 Dance is known for its family-like feel, with many of its students coming together from all walks of life with one goal: to move, dance, and have a great time! Offering group classes, private lessons, wedding packages, and private parties, with specialties in Latin, ballroom, and social dancing, the studio truly has something for everyone. So come move with us…we have plenty of Room 2 Dance!


Room 2 Dance 
110 W. Cottage Dr. Covina, CA 91723
{ Located directly behind Casa Moreno Restaurant }
* Parking for students is available in front and adjacent to the studio in the designated parking lot.


Room 2 Dance has a strict rule for all of its instructors. Not only are they required to be professional, talented, motivated and the like, but we want people who can communicate and enjoy doing so. Unfortunately, throughout our time in the dance community, we’ve found that there are many ‘different’ types of instructors. Our least favorite were the ones that made you feel less than them. What that taught us was how important it was to create a friendly, inviting environment so that everyone could feel welcomed and completely comfortable moving to the music.

Room 2 Dance - Lucy Profile Photo 3
lucille bell


Lucille’s love of dance continues to grow deeper every year. She is grateful to experience the gifts it brings to individuals on a daily basis by understanding the mechanics of movement and interpreting them to allow students to use dance to express themselves. She finds that dance can also be a tool used to uncover a variety of skills we sometimes lack or have too much of. Lucille feels that the studio embraces all walks of life and introduces the joy of moving to the music.

Room 2 Dance - Kimberly
Kimberly Skorheim


Kimberly understands people and how to bring dance to each individual in an attainable and enjoyable fashion. She makes sure no one gets left behind and has the gift of making things happen!
Room 2 Dance - Sandra Dimas

Sandra Dimas


You’ll remember Sandra not only because of her pink hair, great smile, and wonderful personality but also because she brings so much life to the movement. Dancing is always fun when Sandra’s around.


We teach several forms of Ballroom, Latin and Social dances. Whether it’s for your first dance at your wedding, feeling comfortable at the club, or simply because you’ve always wanted to learn how… we have an array of dances that will keep you moving, no matter what the occasion.


Click on any dance below for more information: 

Argentine Tango
Cowboy Cha-Cha
East Coast Swing
Lindy Hop
Line Dances
Night Club Disco Two Step
Ten Step
Viennese Waltz
West Coast Swing
Argentine Tango
Argentine Tango consists of a variety of styles that developed in different regions and eras, and in response to the crowding of the venue and even the fashions in clothing. Even though they all developed in Argentina and Uruguay, they were also exposed to influences reimported from Europe and North America. Consequently, there is a good deal of confusion and overlap between the styles as they are now danced – and fusions continue to evolve.

about us


Lucille & Charley Bell, Owners

Room 2 Dance started as a crazy conversation between my amazingly talented wife and I in 2001. My wife has loved to dance ever since I met her, and since we started dating, I witnessed her grow an interest in dance into a passionate love affair for the art. Me, well, I commonly say that I only dance by default–how else could I have held onto such a wonderfully spirited woman. The conversation started with me saying, “Hey, why don’t you open up your own studio?” My wife quickly laughed and changed the subject. After opening up our creative agency (789, Inc.), 3 kids, and 10 years later, Room 2 Dance was born. Now, let me brag a little about my wife, Lucille.


With over 30 years of dance teaching experience, Lucille Bell, has developed an all-embracing approach to teaching for people of all ages and performance levels. Her diverse education, which includes Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Ballroom, and Latin dances, is complemented by her unique professional background as a dance instructor and choreographer. Her technique is strengthened by her performance experience that includes television, film, and live events such as the Super Bowl. Since graduating Cum Laude with a BA in Dance from Fullerton University, she has placed in several competitions. With a focus on Ballroom and Latin dances, Lucille has earned great recognition amongst her fellow professionals. 


Okay, so that’s her resume description, but let me tell you about the girl I know. Lucille is a warm, wonderful people-person. I can just about guarantee that anyone and everyone will get along with her… and most often friendships result from the people she encounters. She cares when she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t just hear what you’re saying, she truly listens to what you need. She is the heart and soul of this studio, and quite humble to boot. So, once she actually reads this, she’ll probably fight to have me change it, but you, as a potential student… you need to know that you will have a wonderful dance instructor for life with this one. She’s a keeper.