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About Us

The Risk Takers

Room 2 Dance started as a crazy conversation between my amazingly talented wife and I. My wife has loved to dance ever since I met her, and since we started dating, I witnessed her grow an “interest” in dance into a passionate love affair for the art. Me, well, I commonly say that I only dance by default. How else could have I held on to such a wonderfully spirited woman. The conversation started with me saying:

Hey, why don’t you open up your own studio?

My wife quickly laughed and changed the subject. 10 years later, Room 2 Dance was born. So, since you clicked on this page, I might as well introduce ourselves. I wouldn’t be a gentleman if I didn’t let my ‘lady’ go first:

Lucille Bell 4

Her Story

With over 20 years of dance teaching experience, Lucille Bell (not Ball), has developed an all-embracing approach to teaching for people of all ages and performance level. Her diverse education, that includes Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, Ballroom and Latin dances, is complemented by her unique professional background as a dance instructor and choreographer. Her technique is strengthened by her performance experience that includes television, film, and live events such as the Super Bowl. Since graduating Cum Laude with a BA in Dance from Fullerton University, she has placed in several competitions. With a focus in Ballroom and Latin dances, Lucille has earned great recognition amongst her fellow professionals.

Okay, so that’s her resume description, but let me tell you about the girl I know. Lucille is a warm, wonderful people person. I can just about guarantee that anyone and everyone can get along with her… and most often friendships result from the people she encounters. She cares when she doesn’t have to. She doesn’t just hear what you’re saying, she truly listens to what you need. She is the heart and soul of this studio, and quite humble. So, once she actually reads this, she’ll probably fight to have me change it, but you, as a potential student… you need to know that you will have a wonderful dance instructor for life with this one. She’s a keeper.

789 staffphotos charley bell2

His Story

I’m not as important to know. As I mentioned, I only dance by default so that I can keep up with my wife on the nights that she’s tricked me into going out for an evening on the dance floor. However, I do play a role on the business side of things. I’ve been in marketing for over 16 years now. Yikes! Some might think that’s a long time doing the same thing, but fortunately, I’ve had an array of clients and projects that have given me a pretty diverse background from traditional advertising to grassroots initiatives. My love… well, it’s branding. I’m a self-proclaimed nerd, and darn proud of it. That’s why I started my own company called 789 – Creative SyNERDgy. Well, I assembled a crazy crew of creative nut jobs, and now they’re all helping to make Room 2 Dance a local gem for our community. We love this area, the people, the businesses, and are proud to be a part of it. We will probably run into each other sooner or later… probably at one of the Friday night socials. Now that you know a little bit about me I’ll look forward to getting to know all of you! Oh yeah, if my wife was able to help out an awkwardly shy guy like myself to get out on the floor… imagine what she can do for you!