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Our Instructors


Room 2 Dance has a strict rule for all of its instructors. Not only are they required to be professional, talented, motivated and the like, but we want people who can communicate and enjoy doing so. Unfortunately, throughout our time in the dance community, we’ve found that there are many ‘different’ types of instructors. Our least favorite were the ones that made you feel less than them. What that taught us was how important it was to create a friendly, inviting environment so that everyone could feel welcomed and completely comfortable moving to the music.

Lucille’s love of dance continues to grow deeper every year. She is grateful to experience the gifts it brings to individuals on a daily basis by understanding the mechanics of movement and interpreting them to allow students to use dance to express themselves. She finds that dance can also be a tool used to uncover a variety of skills we sometimes lack or have too much of. Lucille feels that the studio embraces all walks of life and introduces the joy of moving to the music.
Kim main

Kimberly Skorheim

Kimberly understands people and how to bring dance to each individual in an attainable and enjoyable fashion. She makes sure no one gets left behind and has the gift of making things happen!

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Sandra Dimas

You’ll remember Sandra not only because of her pink hair, great smile, and wonderful personality but also because she brings so much life to the movement. Dancing is always fun when Sandra’s around.